***this is entertainment purposes only not professional advice any kind so if you get a drd from a random its up to you to wear a condom. where I am there are alot of women with drd. I feel safe and gladfully I dont have that so be careful.***

This is REALISTIC View of what is what it is in personal transformation and awareness to SELF Power, Success and Seduction..

Monday, March 25, 2019

EMPATHY will self sabotage your seduction

I remember that I seduced a girl full on structure

seeing her and hooking her again.

franco did tell me that I was too hot on my empathy and bought into this false belief .

it clouded a lot my wolf  or my objective which is to have sex

I ended up being clouded and bought into her frame and became too emotional .

and mentally in my head I was done.

the laws of human nature. Robert greene talks about it in his interview when he talks about the process going in life people react , sucked in the drama dn aappearances behind the mask and peel the layers

someother issue they are dealing with.

you have options in life instead of reaction .angry and resentful.
cut the person not take them personal and find a way minimize to prevent from harming .instead of reactive

resisting the emotional pull.
its like lifting weights.
good skill to have.

range of 20-30 emotions range in a person, who is governing the ship? rider of the horse.

we are the rider of the horse.

you want that horse to move dont beat it , you want MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS.

chapter judge peoples charater. core of their being what makes them repeat their pattern of behaviour

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

definition of being cold inside

so being unaffected or modeling a psychopath  has its limitations of interpreataion

in order to model the psychopath.
that is a MUST!

there's outer game and its inner game .

outer game is to be calibrated and convincing that you are not a threat and you are sheep and not a victim !

you will feel tension headache yet you will follo wlance amrstreong quote

"pain is temporary winning last forever"

your outside can not match your inside for you

on the outside you have to appear social and within their rnoms of the group..

on the inside it has to have its own independent needs

talk your way out of anything...….

Monday, March 18, 2019

games people play eric berne

modeling a high level psychopath

you lead by making specific questions without verbalize the matrix


you pace reality

anything else happen?

treat them like children.

assuming knows that the roles are defined they break the roles of the rules
 you don't need to explain that

you put them in the corner in leading into the right direction

whats the purpose why you are doing

*when you verbalize the matrix you become the victim and you help them to make sccapeoar game

when you lose your cool and verbalize the matrix yoou become the victim

I quit talking about the verbalize matrix when they mention it

if she gives me bullshit the corporation ends there , you end it there.

what is the process?

use the pschoypathic he use the contrl the person

 "I understand....can you get me cocal cola can you get me the lemon "

Saturday, March 16, 2019

SNAKES IN SUIT review from modeling

I started to read this.

I listened to a youtube and it was good. as I am modeling process but to the positive.

I read a book review.

but now listening to an audiobook

its like a Stephen king novel....

I will post more.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

narcisst videos of reviews and stories of personal experiences

I think is something very inghtful
I modeled a lot of it automatically after repretition but did it tooo much too extreme
but it works.

the process does work if you model it but I am using more as a  Good Psychopath.

narcisst does it for ego

paychopath doesn't do it for  EGO

so apparently this makes it a big difference almost like a hamburger analogy

to buy you can buy at mcdonalds

to dine you can by at steakhouse or REd Robin

to make it yours , you can make it your own pleasure..... ala psychopath !!!

brain washing techniques and lovebombing and mirroring and screening and gaslightning.

they work and you just listen to videos and take out whats negative and use what works well but more for bait.

cortisol fucks you up .... give space to pull in nice while being wolf

so I cancelled betterhelp its the worst

cortisol is high it makes you paranoid so I took supplements
I think ashawnda could help me

lower cortisol helps a lot

give space in order to pull and get them invested.thats what they want.
its narcisstic trick of silent treatment/busy and gaslight

you don't text ...they think about you and worry..they act like pavlov dogs … you respond nice rewarding ...they get excited

they invest... you listen and say less...

meet and have sex

make them make plans and you just show up that way its emotional object than transitional.

its almost like crystalizing attraction.

you have to be nice and on the inside be wolf  you have to be a sniper hunter of a lion !

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

my experience modeling narcissits love game , current game wokring up sticking points

i have on 3 women used narcistist game

I expereimented and it worked

sadly it ends very terrible cause you want to keep the girl and you are stuck in the loop of being in the cycle or not .

with psychopath game  its almost a mirror

Its almost nice guy game , soulmate game .  for me as a macho its too much punishing as for caucasiausin women its too much.

where I am the women want someone laid back and easy going and someone they have instead  of  being alone. that's where you work your magic

your looks have to be tight . that works fro yourself self confidence and also your passive value

stages are from franco's model from his book how to get laid.

stage 1 is easy .

follow mirroring and nonverbal sexual and also spiking BP and comfort.
also use communication calibration. hypnotize yourself as attractive and also make yourself vunerable and sheep. so she sees an opportunity and an opening for her to take,
todd says win -win.  natural tim audio and use of net theory. mrm 9 and 10 game audio.ryan rsd on active attraction bt spiking.

INNER GAME: use behavioural management techniques . and build your competence confidence. lower your dhv abit . be  COLD abd be a predator . study psycopaths focus and good psychoapths behavior to not react to negative but only to positive. study meditation.
control your cortisol. avoid stress reaction.

Study  LMR !!!   Study NLP patterns and review old school stuff for comfort.

Addicted program by vin di carlo and also study addiction dopamines youtube video
youtube narcissitc brainwashing and lovebombing.

do not overgame and overinvest. you must move forward and not let her own ASD affect your inner game.

you have to calibrate to be good and not do anything.

you have to sell yourself shes your client , you get in her head like psychopath hunter does. and you lead.

don't forget to fractionate.  as in ross jefreys youtube video from 21 convention.

use sexual framing ala sinn captain jack revert any negative frame into positive frame leading to sexual frame.

you have to lead !!!!   badboy audio.

lead to what you want.

natural woman pattern and incredible connection pattern and cosmo pattern.

GET RID OF YOUR EGO!  EGO gets in the way you feel or your objective.

stage 2 is challenging cause you slow down any active game and just run comfort and esexual escalation

its a balance of calibration and pimp game along with sex game and escalation ladder along with investment.

no punishing yet I will apply narcissitic techniques without punishing actively.

space or slight silent treatment pulls them back.

articles  on psychology on relationships and investment are insightful .

also sexual investment  ala pimp game and bdsm scales things up abit emotionally and unconsciously.

inner game is different from outer self display.

gary broadskys conquering women is great audio on how to get her to invest in relationship.
along with articles on psychology.

pimp game gives some investment tips .

dating diablo also has last audio on it

there is advice from escalation ladder on investment as persuasion thrugh Cialdini.

problem with narcisstic game is that stage 3 is unavolidable  and counter productive if you want to keep her enslaved

I will look into sex god method to improve that side. and bdsm .

I have to review calibration on investing and over investing I wrote to review formula.
LMR calibration

and review tao of steve .

be funny improv and public speaking. avoid being bipolar or extreme balck and white thinking.

big difference from todays women is they want kindah of nice guy they can lean on and invest into.
they screen out beta and alpha. be the middle  use ying and yang seduction.

middle is calibration  middle is grey. be  GREY

be sheep don't be direct or verbalize matrix at all , let her do it!

being good to her is equivalent of you letting her  energy to invest her nurturing you
her biological nature.

my work is more relationship management game at this point.
and improve my looks.

reference:  snake in suits review; wisdom of psychopaths kevindutton reviews and audiobook.
franco's book how to get laid.  speed seduction video on youtube and try program and listen to conversations.

Saffron's DLR , audio on  LMR . swingcatts beliefs. pimp game inner game audio.